Seeking Seekers

Joshua & Stephanie Lewis October 01 2017, 5:08 pm | 0 Comments

Maybe it was the adrenaline. Maybe it was sheer determination. But we pulled ourselves together, gritted our teeth, and somehow found the strength to survive a three-month gauntlet of sustained thinking. Only one topic mattered—salvation. Thinking about the world’s needs obliterated our comfortable habits of evangelism.

Together we stockpiled infiltration tactics designed to show who Jesus is to those who don’t know history from a Western perspective and don’t have a worldview that gives the Bible significance.

We laid out our path forward with specific year-by-year and month-by-month goals in language learning and evangelism. Our biggest goal is to live authentically spiritual lives so that seekers of God will be drawn to us magnetically. Into these “people of peace” we will pour years of time and effort, impressing the seeds of Jesus’ character into the fertile soil of their hearts. From the first beginnings all the way to our final objective, success actually feels possible! Thank you so much to all our teachers and supporters who have helped us come this far.

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