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The Bassac are the second largest people group of Stung Treng province, and they continue to live off the land by subsistence farming and fishing.


This AFM project aims to teach English and computer skills to outcast girls in order to integrate into them back into society, provide them with hope, and introduce them to the Savior.


Primarily Buddhist, the Himadri people are ethnically related to Tibetans and speak a similar language. There are few, if any, known believers among the Himadri.


The Arabic-speaking Maghreb are descended from nomadic peoples of North Africa.


The Pendjari worship a sun/serpent god through the mediation of fetishes and ancestral spirits—demons in disguise.

Refugee Ministry

The number of forcibly displaced persons worldwide has surged to more than 51 million.


The Arabic-speaking Saharans are descended from nomadic peoples of North Africa.


Among the 118 people groups in this region, 69 are unreached.

Tentmaker Ministry

Are you ready to use your professional expertise to expand God's kingdom?