The Motorcycle Story

Last time I wrote, I talked about how God does miracles for people and has recently done a miracle for us that, for me personally, has confirmed to us our calling to Africa in helping us complete our fundraising goal by the deadline. In keeping with that theme, I thought I would share on this blog the miracle that happened to us in China with our electric motorcycle. For those of you who have graciously had us speak at your church, and had me do the children’s story, you have heard this story but I thought it would be nice to record it for anyone who hasn’t heard it already. During the time I was pregnant with Ashley, our oldest child, Samuel had a Bible study every Friday evening in his office at the college where he taught. It was illegal for him to do this but each Friday evening we faithfully rode our electric motorcycle out to the college. At that time, there was major construction along that road so in order to get there we had to go to a bridge. Next to the bridge was a hole in the fence where people could go through and down a hill and down the side of the dry, concrete canal and ride along the canal until they needed to get out. Then we would climb up the side of the canal (I would use the stairs and Samuel would push the motorcycle up) and go a few more blocks to the college. On one particular night, we had not charged the battery in our “moto” thinking that it would be okay but by the time we arrived at the college, we found that the battery was all but dead. The moto barely made it into the college grounds and as we got off of it to park it, I asked Samuel, “What are we going to do?” He replied, “We’ll do our Bible study and pray and figure it out later.” So we did. We had a great Bible study and then went out to our moto and prayed again and got on and started off. The moto was going very, very slowly but slightly better than when we had arrived at the college. Samuel felt impressed to start singing praise songs to God so he did and I thought to myself, “We might as well.” So I joined in. And the motorcycle started going a little faster. Then we got to the canal and went down and rode along and when we came up the other side and it was time to go up the hill to the fence, I thought, “There’s no way we’re going to make it, I’m going to have to get off and walk.” But it actually started going even faster on the way up the hill. Out on the road it was going even faster and when we got home, Samuel said to me, “Look at this.” I looked at the gauge that tells how much electricity is in the battery. It was half full. God had filled our battery for us. He’s an amazing God!