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Graham & Pauline Allcock

Euro-Asia Field Director since 2009.

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A New Creation

Graham Allcock December 01 2018, 10:55 am

The morning after my prayer of desperation, I found I no longer craved cigarettes. From that day to this, I have never smoked.

My Turkish Sister

Graham Allcock September 01 2018, 2:56 pm

I have met so many kind and caring people in Turkey. Wouldn’t it be great if we could reach these people with the good news about Jesus and what He has done for them?

Salt and Light

Pauline Allcock April 01 2018, 9:24 am

Let’s continue doing our part to share the good news of the gospel, recognizing that it is the work of the Holy Spirit to lead people into all truth.

Ireland Update

Graham Allcock January 01 2018, 9:13 am

There is still much work to be accomplished in Ireland. As we begin a new year, we invite you to join us in praying for more missionaries to come to the Emerald Isle to share Jesus with the Irish.