The Khon Kaen Worship and Ministry Facility

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The Central Thai project is seeking funds for the Khon Kaen Worship and Ministry Facility, part of their outreach in the city of Khon Kaen. This is a combined project involving voted commitments from the local congregation, the Thai Adventist Mission, the South East Asia Union Mission, the Southern Asia Pacific Division, the General Conference, and AFM.

Urgency of this request:

We have a renewed urgency to get this building built, because our landlord of our current building has informed us for a third time that they would like us to move out by the end of December 2020.  Thus we are moving forward, choosing a bidding company to build our school.  Building will begin in July 2020, and hopefully end by the December 2020 when we will be asked to vacate our current facility!  Thanks for your prayers and help with this very important and urgent need!

Brief Project Description:

This special project proposal is to jointly fund the building of the first phase of the new Peace Music Academy/Youth Training Center Building in Khon Kaen, Thailand where PMA was successfully established in 2013 as an official SSD/GC UCI project, owned and operated by the Thailand Adventist Mission in partnership with Adventist Frontier Missions, and works to attract and disciple children, youth, and young adults from the middle and upper classes of Thai Buddhist society for Christ, and training Thai SDA young people for leadership in SDA churches and schools all over Thailand.

How the need was determined:

Attendance at the current building is crowded, and on many Sabbaths when people often must sit in the stairwell or the lobby entrance due to lack of adequate seating space in our worship room. Sabbath school classes are also crowded with no possibility of dividing into smaller classes matching participant age groups. We lack a junior and earliteen class due to lack of space, and children that age are forced to join either a primary class or a youth class. There are also no facilities for Sabbath afternoon hours when AY, Pathfinders, and Adult Health programs and board meetings all request use of the same room. During the week, at prime times, we cannot accept all students who wish to study because, we don’t have enough rooms, even when we do have adequate numbers of teachers. 

How addressing this need helps achieve the project’s goals of reaching Thai Buddhists:

This new building, owned and operated by the Thailand Adventist Mission, will give PMA and the Khon Kaen SDA Church that meets on its campus a permanent presence in Khon Kaen where we can minister to some of the needs of the Thai Buddhists in the area of music education, health seminars, pathfinder programs, family life seminars, personal finance seminars, evangelistic seminars, and more. Having at least one permanent facility in Khon Kaen will give assurance to Thai Buddhist seekers in Khon Kaen that the SDA church will not easily disappear once they’ve converted. It will also provide our future house-church leadership a larger gathering place for training and occasional convocations of future local-area house churches. It will serve as a training center for regional and national Thai SDA Youth Leadership Camps, combining training in Bible Study, Witnessing, Health Evangelism, and Music for worship. It will also serve as an ongoing health ministry/healthy cooking class facility. 

How the local body of believers or stakeholders will participate:

The local body of believers is actively committed to raising 10% of the total cost of this project, and they will continue to run the programs and ministries mentioned in the paragraph above.

Immediate Objectives:
  1. Worship in the new building by January 2021
  2. Teach music lessons in the new building by January 2021
  3. Hold a nation-wide SDA Youth Leadership Camp in Khon Kaen by April 2021
  4. Host our first evangelistic event in the new building by December 2020
Long-Range Objectives
  1. Increase student enrollment by 30% by March 2021
  2. Have at least two more Sabbath school groups by March 2021
  3. Increase Sabbath school and church attendance by 20 % by June 2021.
  4. Have 10 more baptisms by June 2021.