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Cuculicchio-Torres, Paolo & Anais

Short-term Missionaries for 2023-2024.

Truitt, Eva

Student Missionary for 2023–2024

Marshall SDA Church

Gorton, Mikaela

Assistant to the Recruitment Director

Rains, Alexia

Student Missionary for 2023-2024

Jaquez, Sophia

Student Missionary for 2023-2024

The Need is the Call

solely John Eliot was a Cambridge-educated, Puritan minister who labored faithfully in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He arrived on American soil in 1631 and eagerly began his pastoral duties. While Native Americans were present, Eliot focused solely on his ministry to the English settlers. However, in 1644 his conscience was pricked, and…

30 Days

I step out onto the street after dusk. The avenue is abnormally still and quiet, except for the tinkle of glasses coming from the few open cafes. It is Ramadan. The thirty days of fasting during daylight hours – complete abstention from all food and liquids – have begun. Since…

Storytime with Jemimah

“Except dried onions, I don’t remember eating any vegetables until I was eleven. Our food was rice and meat. Traveling merchants with donkeys brought us rice. Our cows and goats gave us meat. We didn’t plant a garden. Our water supply wouldn’t support a garden in our hot and dusty…

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