The Better Inheritance

Would you like to give a BIG inheritance to your kids? You can pass three types of inheritance to your children: 1) Stuff 2) Family Culture 3) The Self Instinct.

Your kids may inherit your furniture, your savings, and your Tupperware, and they will value it or toss it out. But family culture is not so easy to abandon. This might include enthusiasm for sports, eating, and Sabbath traditions. It also includes invisible culture, such as habits of faith in hard times, family loyalty, and care for aging parents. Even deeper yet is the inheritance of self instinct—tending to look after one’s own interests at the expense of others. Inheriting a high self Instinct might mean that one would rarely invite a stranger home for Sabbath lunch, rarely give money that isn’t tax-deductible, and hesitate to house a needy person in the basement for a month.

On the other hand, with God’s help, kids can inherit a low self instinct. If a parent is a servant to the migrant worker, to the elderly, and the refugee, these instincts of selflessness will weave themselves into the very fabric of their child’s identity. As a child beholds, they become. What kind of inheritance is your child amassing today?

May you and your children be blessed as you walk and talk through ways to involve them in mission service.

Ready for your child to make a impact on the world? AFM offers the book by missionary Barabas Hope, Grow a World Changer to assist you in equipping your child for global service.

Mission Service is for the Whole Family

Adventist Frontier Missions is looking for sincere people who are willing to go where Christ is not known. It isn’t important that you have a college degree, or that you have medical experience. What counts is that you are willing to let God use you to reached people in darkness.

And as God calls people to do His service, he doesn‘’t look at their age. Take Samuel as an example. Because his mother vowed to serve God, her son was appointed a prophet in his youth. In the experience of some of our current missionaries, you also may be surprised to learn that God is calling your children to mission service, too.

Start a dialog with us about mission service or view our current opportunities.

Family worship

Getting Near the Heart of God

FAMILY is an original Eden plan for perfect community. WORSHIP is the heaven-born awe of intelligent creatures reflecting on their Creator. Two God-invented words that are literally spiritual dynamite when put together. Family worship equals heavenly power, whether your family is in their pajamas circled around a Friday-night fire or in school clothes with sack lunches in backpacks.

So what to do for family worship that will: a) be interesting? b) honor God? c) be appropriate for different ages? d) be brief? e) really make a difference? One of the biggest ways we show our love for someone is by being sincerely interested in what THEY are interested in. As an adult, when I get together with my Dad, I talk about dirt and concrete. Not that I enjoy concrete, but I love my Dad, and dirt and concrete are his daily work. What consumes our heavenly Father’s days? What is His work and daily focus?” The answer: people of every color, height and shoe size.

Here are 52 ways to focus your family worship on God’s interests—people, so you and your family can be drawn nearer to the heart of God.

Pray for Your Children

Do you have a deep desire that your children develop strong Christian morals and the fruits of the Spirit? Following is prayer list for children, along with suggestions from Scripture. Feel free to duplicate it—or improve upon it—to help you pray specifically and purposefully for your own children.

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