He is Alive

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I stood looking up into the bloodied face of the Galilean Teacher. Marred agony etched across it still. But with His final cry of, “It is finished!” the agony was replaced with a peace I have never known or seen before. Eternal peace in the face of death. This was no ordinary man. It’s as if He chose to allow Himself to be tortured and murdered. But why?

At the cross, the people taunted Jesus. “Save Yourself,” they commanded Him, adding that then they would believe in Him. This same command is spoken in the rituals and teachings of many religions around the world. Rather than being taught that they are loved unconditionally by God, people are directed to appease their “gods” through ceremonies and sacraments in order to save themselves.

I watched as followers of this teacher came and gently removed Him from the cross. Women wept as they walked to the tomb where He would be laid. This was no hardened criminal deserving of death. Why had we killed Him? What were we thinking? What cruel and relentless spirit had overtaken us that we should have no pity on Him?

This same cruel and relentless spirit engulfs our society today, broadcast into our minds through ubiquitous websites, movies and social media. Greed, distrust, selfishness and myriad pestilences surround us. Bodies are attacked with diseases that are severely mutated or grown in laboratories. Innocent children are victims of war, violence, and the perverted appetites of those who should protect them. The vast majority of people cry out to deities that cannot see or hear.

I can hardly believe what I’m hearing! Can this be true? Is it really possible that the Galilean Teacher is alive? I saw Him die myself. I saw the spear go into His side. How could He come back to life? Yet it is true. I believe. I want to know Him. I want to follow Him. I want to live for Him. He is not just the Son of Man. He is the Son of God.

There is hope. The Galilean Teacher is alive! He chose to allow Himself to die so that we may choose to live. We do not have to save ourselves; indeed, we cannot. Because of the Crucified One, we can rest in the hope that one day, the cruel and relentless spirit will be crushed forever.

Who will share this hope with those who have not yet heard? Will you? The Galilean Teacher is alive forevermore, and He bids you, “Come, follow Me.” Believe, trust, and follow Him to the ends of the earth.