It’s Time to Let Go

Image for It’s Time to Let Go

Many times in life, we want financial control. Maybe it is our desire for security, to not be in want. Like the parable of the farmer, we build bigger barns for funds we will never use. Our security and the ability to choose or control it drives us to this stockpiling. Somehow we never seem to realize that the control is never really ours. Thus we rob God’s plan of much-needed funding so we can feel secure. Can we step out in faith and let go of the abundance with which God has blessed us?

We are told that buying and selling will soon be a thing of history. Economies are failing all over the world, and our finances are becoming worthless. In the parable of the farmer, he had plenty for a happy life, but what was he to do with his abundance? If he had only let go and helped others.

As He did for the farmer, God has secured us financially. But we never know when something might happen to take away our ability to give. Let the hope of the gospel being preached in all the world change what we treasure. It is time to let go, give God our abundance and invest in His economy—“laying up treasures in Heaven.”