On the Path to AFM Mission Service

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We are looking for missionaries! God is calling you to go and serve. Whether you are a pastor, nurse, banker, carpenter, educator, student, musician, or serve in another vocation, we will help equip converted, committed Seventh-day Adventist Christians to share the everlasting gospel among unreached people.

Each year Adventist Frontier Missions (AFM) is contacted by hundreds of people who express an interest in mission service. Out of those, approximately 35–40 missionary candidates actually complete an extensive application process designed to help them have their calling affirmed by God as they seek His will.

Briefly, this process includes completing a preliminary information form, followed by an eight-page formal application. In the application, we ask you, the candidate, to supply us with the names of six people who we will contact to provide a reference on your behalf. Upon receipt of these references, we ask you to complete a commitment form affirming your desire to serve God despite whatever obstacles may challenge you. 

If you are going as a short-term missionary, you will then have a one-to-two-hour interview. We follow this interview with personality testing to discover compatibility factors related to your placement. At each step, we get to know you better, and you get to know us. Eventually, you come to our training center for one month of instruction and coaching before being sent out to the mission field.

If you choose to be a career missionary, you will be given the personality testing first, then someone from our team will visit your home and interview you over a weekend. We then invite you to our office for a week-long orientation program, at which time you are formally accepted, and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, together we determine your placement.

During the next few months, you will cultivate your support team—those who share your vision, pray for you and fund your project. You will then return to AFM for an intensive three-month training program. Once complete, you will launch to the mission field, ready to thrive as you share Christ with your new neighbors overseas.

Is this process thorough? Is it intensive? Yes, and yes! That’s because we want to help you succeed as a church-planting missionary among the unreached. Be of good courage! As God is calling you, He will equip you for ministry to share the love of Jesus and His present truth for this time with those who have never had an opportunity to hear the plan of salvation.