Noah Halloran

AFM-SAT Short-Term Missionary for 2018, serving the Tai-Kadai of Southeast Asia.

Although raised as part of a protestant denomination in South Africa, religion seemed to Noah little more than a tradition, or worse yet, merely an unfounded yet cherished faery tale. Faith was never a reality for him, neither theoretically nor experientially. As a result, he lived many years as an agnostic under a ubiquitous miasma of apathy and silent misery.

Through a series of finely and divinely orchestrated events God, however, reached him via the DVD ministry, and after a protracted struggle against his own stubborn self, he was eventually baptised as the only Adventist in his family. He currently serves his home congregation as deacon, Sabbath school teacher, and (provisionally) elder. Although he works in the IT industry he has now found his true identity in God and yearns to do something more meaningful and permanent with his life in God’s service. Consequently he attempted to be a Bible worker, but due to diverse unfavorable circumstances it proved unsuccessful and came to an unfortunate end after only one year. Disappointed, he felt constrained to return to the IT career he had left behind. However, he found no peace here. Having been inspired by AFM a few times, his discontent compelled him against his own nature to apply as missionary. Success here placed him as missionary to the Tai-Kadai project where he will be serving as English teacher, and through friendship evangelism, hope to share the glad tidings in word and deed.

South African Donors

If you are based in South Africa and wish to donate to this missionary, please contact Hein Havenga, AFM-South Africa Trust Operations Manager, to directly arrange for your donation.

Hein Havenga
PO Box 347
Dundee, 3000, KZN
South Africa
Tel. 027 34 218 2055

Thank you for sharing in our ministry to the unreached!

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