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Originally, AFM missionaries launched with very little training. However, as AFM matured, its missionary-training program expanded and is now recognized by world church leaders as one of the best available. Today AFM offers future missionaries the necessary training to effectively reach the unreached peoples among all major religions around the world. From the bushlands of West Africa to the foothills of the Himalayas, AFM missionaries are planting His church. Read our History page to learn more.

Philosophy—Why do we do it?

AFM specializes in sending missionaries to some of the most difficult peoples to reach in some of the remotest places on the planet. Why? It’s our commission (Matthew 28) from God. Every nation. Every tribe. Every language. Every people group. Most of our resources and missions within the church go to places where the gospel has already been preached. Only a fraction go to the unreached – those with no access to the gospel whatsoever. And since Jesus won’t come until the Gospel goes “into all the world,” we believe that sending cross-cultural missionaries plays a crucial role in fulfilling our commission.

How AFM training works

Our instructors – having been missionaries themselves – offer several types of training, geared toward the work that the missionary will do. For every step you take, AFM offers specialized training and supervision to guide you toward success. Invite one of our trainers to assist your organization.

  • Laurence Burn

    Laurence Burn, M.Div., is a former chaplain at Andrews University and the training director for AFM. He has a wealth of experience in conflict resolution and team building.

  • Dale Goodson

    Dale Goodson is a pioneer missionary, author and developer of AFM’s approach to cross-cultural understanding and integration. He is a researcher and instructor in AFM’s training department.