Frontier Missions Journal

Choose a story below to listen to missionaries retell their stories from the mission field.

E01: The Hunter and the Healer (Part 1) by Barnabas Hope

E02: The Hunter and the Healer (Part 2) by Barnabas Hope

E03: It’s All About People by Fiona O’Brian // Reaching Out to the Irish by Fiona O’Brian

E04: The Disappearing Boy by Shannon Sorensen // Our Journey to Missions by Shannon Sorensen

E05: Venom by Daniel Greenfield // Pnong Project Update by Daniel Greenfield

E06: The Forbidden Valley by John Holbrook

E07: Entering Jesus by Adam Clay // Our Call to Missions by Adam Clay

E08: Adrift by Philip Kiwi

E09: No Higher Power by Mariëtte Diedericks // Love Your Neighbor As Yourself by Mariëtte Diedericks // Coffee Girl by Mariëtte Diedericks

E10: Confirmation (Part 1) by Chris Sorensen

E11: Confirmation (Part 2) by Chris Sorensen

E12: Legacy of Love by Adam Clay // The Floating Flip Flop by Amber Clay // Spuds Gone Bad by Ruby Clay

E13: The Seer by Kyle Tumberg // Our Call to Missions by Kyle Tumberg

E14 The Giver and the Gift by John Baxter // Joy by John Baxter // 50,000 Rupees by John Baxter

E15 The Robbery by Daniel Greenfield

E16: Miracles Without Borders by Conrad Vine

E17: She Is Béninoise by James Arkusinski

E18: The Ghost Who Didn’t Speak Thai by Ricardo Palacios // The Spirit World and Buddhism by Ricardo Palacios

E19: Omee by Isaac James // Trust and Obey by Isaac James

E20: My Story by Ali Nassar

E21: Watching for Morning by Alicia Palacios // The Recital by Alicia Palacios

E22: Take Me Home by Susan Payne // Dynamo by Susan Payne

E23: _Pathway to Missions by Malachi Coal

E24: Even Families Don’t Do That Here by Marc Coleman

E25: Tears for Lamah by Hope Kiwi

E26: The Monk That Went to Church by Kyle Tumberg // Luem Chun’s Influence by Kyle Tumberg

E27: Blessings and Blowouts by Ruth Church // Misa by Ruth Church // Timothy by Boaz Church

E28: Dependent and Vulnerable by Don Abbey // Missed Opportunity by Don Abbey // Spirit Work by Janella Abbey

E29: Repairing the Breach and Rebuilding the Church by John Baxter

E30: A Home in the Sand and a Home in Heaven by Conrad Vine

E31: Carry On Soldier! by John Holbrook // Musa’s Desperate Situation by Boaz Church

E32: Kadia and the Bible by Fred Coker // Church Wedding Promise by Fred Coker // Christian Education in Guinea by Fred Coker // Invisible Thief by Fred Coker

E33: Made for Blessing by Laurence Burn

E34: Kids in Benin by Suzy Baldwin // Good Morning Africa! by James Arkusinski

E35: Kak by Daniel Greenfield // Falling Away by Daniel Greenfield // Home Church by Daniel Greenfield

E36: The Serpent’s Sting but Jesus Saves by John Baxter // Jesus Raises the Dead by John Baxter

E37: Reflections by Ali Nassar // Onur and Alp by Ali Nassar // He Is Faithful by Ali Nassar

E38: Kak by Daniel Greenfield // Falling Away by Daniel Greenfield // Home Church by Daniel Greenfield

E39: Things That Should Not Happen to Missionaries by Conrad Vine

E40: God Speaks Himba, Part 1 by James Arkusinski

E41: God Speaks Himba, Part 2 by James Arkusinski

E42: What You Have Done to the Least of These?” by Paul Massey // _A New Birth by Paul Massey

E43: Confluence and Faith, Part 1 by Christian Sharma

E44: Confluence and Faith, Part 2 by Christian Sharma

E45: Second Campus by Fred Coker // Building Community by Fred Coker

E46: Ishmael and the Snake Bite by Hope Kiwi

E47: The Assault by Micheé Badé // The Life-Changing Dream by Micheé Badé

E48: Victorious Over the Demon by Fred Coker // Live the Light You Preach by Isatta Coker

E49: Feeling the Sting by Arnold Hooker

E50: Jonkle All the Way, Part 1 by James Arkusinski

E51: Jonkle All the Way, Part 2 by James Arkusinski

E52: Living By God by Joseph Inara // Character Test by Joseph Inara

E53: Experimental Prayer by Micheé Badé // Mama Oheeb by Micheé Badé

E54: Collapsed by Adam Clay

E55: No Coincidences by Malachi Coal

E56: The Tawbuid of Mindoro, Philippines by John Holbrook

E57: My Hike to Wawi by David Hicks

E58: Our First Miracle by Ellen Bright // Our Call to Foreign Missions by Ellen Bright

E59: Stepping Into Their Fake Nikes by Aaron Jonas // Ordinary Christians by Aaron Jonas

E60: Salvation to the Oppressed by Conrad Vine and Aaron Jonas

E61: Metaphor of the Unreached by Marc Coleman

E62: Averting the Bandits by Marc Coleman

E63: A Place of Sanctuary by Graham Allcock

E64: The Garbage Trip by Don Abbey // Connections by Don Abbey

E65: Henry on the Wall by Jonathan Nicholaides // Left for Dead! by Jonathan Nicholaides.

E66: Reluctant Dreamer by Malachi Coal

E67: The Call of Juma by Salaam Barakah

E68: Teaching of the Teacher by Brian Chen

E69: If I Had a Million Dollars by John Smith

E70: Crocheted Together by Don Abbey and Janella Abbey

E71: The Three Seekers by Malachi Coal

E73: The Divine Life Preserver by John Holbrook // Two-Wheeled Missionary by John Holbrook

E74: The Flying Book by James Bright // The Taxi Driver by Ellen Bright

E75: Surprised By God by Otilia Stroia and Christian Stroia

E76: Lord, Have Your Way by Malachi Coal

E77: The Joys of the Sinim People by Elisha Joy

E78: In the Village of Foriforiya by Fred Coker // Victor Gives His Service to God by Fred Coker // Lana and the Potluck Conversation by Fred Coker

E79: Our Call to the Maghrebi by Salaam Barakah

E80: Afraid of the White Man by David Hicks // Miracle of the Six Gallons by David Hicks

E82: God Provides a Landing Place by Kent George

E83: Church Planter by Heino Torlage

E84: The Landlord, Boxers, and the Book by Arnold Hooker

E85: Maman Bira // The Mission Bug // Our Remote Medical Clinic // Satan’s Prisoners // Kildit Short stories by Carrie Hann

E86: The Stick House by Heino Torlage

E87: Just Another Day in the Mission Field by Daniel Greenfield

E88: Second Chance by Stephen Erickson and Lori Erickson

E89: Center of Influencence by Sean Mays

E90: Center of Attention by Rebecca Jonas // Saved by a Name by Aaron Jonas // God’s Perspective by Aaron Jonas

E91: Angels In Underwear by Greg Timmins // The Law of the Jungle by Molly Timmins

E92: The Shopping List by Faith Singh // Apple Dumplings by Faith Singh // Sick on Mother’s Day by Faith Singh

E93: Navigating Treacherous Waters by Aaron Jonas

E94: The Exercise Club by Tonya Wright and Jared Wright

E95: Hands for God, Part 1 by George Tooray

E96: Hands for God, Part 2 by George Tooray and Theresa Tooray

E97: A Book for Damir by Jacob Bridger

E98: What is the Cost? by Aaron Jonas

E99: A Buddhist Miracle by Kyle Tumberg

E100: Rescued from the Dump by Molly Timmins

E101: Effective Witness (Part 1) by Ali and Nena Nassar

E102: Effective Witness (Part 2) by Ali and Nena Nassar

E103: Burning the Charms by Greg Timmins

E104: Niti by Sonya Miller // Nila’s Story by Seth Miller

E105: The Donkey Who Couldn’t Talk by George Tooray

E106: Starting to Fly by Kyle Tumberg

E107: Step by Step by David Hicks

E108: Just in Time by Andy Murphy

E109: We Will Help You Run by Alexa Sharma

E110: Gina’s Blessing by Andy Murphy

E111: Soty by Josh Lewis

E112: Stitched for a Purpose by Elijah Williams

E113: Potpouri of Dialogue by John Smith

E114: Neighbors by Beth Williams

E115: Gengis and the Great Decision, Part 1 by Jacob & Sky Bridger

E116: Gengis and the Great Decision, Part 2 by Jacob & Sky Bridger

E117: Let’s Pray by Keren Lawrence

E118: God Came To My Rescue by Salam Barakah

E119: Kitchen Conversations by Beth Williams

E120: White Stone by Jacob Bridger

E121: Our Calling by Jason & Midori Sliger

E122: Brother John by George Tooray

E123: Orange House by Sky Bridger

E124: Knock In The Head by Sky Bridger

E125: Dog Pack and Samosas, Part 1 by Diane Hooker

E126: Dog Pack and Samosas, Part 2 by Diane Hooker

E127: Kitef Fora Shoe by Ryan Bell

E128: A God That Connects by Kyle Tumberg

E129: Person of Peace by Kyle Tumberg

E130: Bell and Blue by Student Missionaries

E131: Alex by Kyle Tumberg

E132: Morning Market Adventure by Sara Ferguson

E133: Hospital by Alsa Lain

E134: Meaningless Sacrifice by Alsa Lain

E135: Out of the Dustbin by Bala Patel

E136: Lighthouse by Bala Patel

E137: Almighty Witchdoctor by Laressa Farnsworth

E138: Fear Was Gone by Michael Babienco

E139: A Papilionoidea // Panic Attack by Christopher Sorensen

E140: Sting of Death by Herb & Linda Prandal