Keynote Speakers

To invite a keynote speaker to your church or event, email or call Kiersten at 1-800-937-4236.

Paul Massey

Paul Massey currently servings as AFM’s Tentmaker Ministries Coordinator. Previously, the Massey family served as missionaries to the people of Turkey.

Jony Hajaj

Jony Hajaj is the Intercultural Studies and Discipleship Director for Adventist Frontier Missions.  Select the link to learn more.

Ricardo Palacios

Dr. Esteban Ricardo Palacios has served God in ministry for more than 26 years, focusing on church growth and evangelism. He is the Director of Ministry Initiatives and Africa Field Director for Adventist Frontier Missions.

Conrad Vine

Born into a pastoral family, Elder Vine grew up with his twin brother and two sisters in homes across the UK.

John Baxter

While working for a large bank in New York City, John’s life was transformed and lifted from the confusion of drugs, alcohol and demon possession into the freedom and joy of a life in Christ. For the past several years John has served in different leadership positions at AFM. He shares the love of God and His call to missions across the United States.

Laurence Burn

Laurence Burn, M.Div., is a former chaplain at Andrews University and the training director for AFM. He has a wealth of experience in conflict resolution and team building.