A Crowd of Sinners

“Orion and Keren Lawrence, going to the Ama Project in Papua New Guinea,” Laurence Burn’s voice rang out as we walked onto the platform. With a few words of blessing we were handed our certificates and joined the rest of the missionaries. (We were unable to attend AFM graduation last summer, so we received graduation certificates with the 2017 missionaries.)

As the rest of the names were called, I looked around me at the other AFM missionaries—all ready to answer God’s call and go to our fields of service. Instead of seeing heroes, I saw sinners. Each of us standing there had fought a painful battle with sin. All of us had accepted the saving power of Jesus. All of us had felt the joy of being redeemed from sin. Now each of us were eager to go and tell others about our Savior who wants to heal sinful hearts. What a privilege to be part of this group!

Even though we made a good-size crowd, there was much more room on that platform. Would you join us? There are many people who need an ordinary sinner, saved by grace, to come and live near them and tell them about the Love of Jesus.

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