Building a church roof in May River

The church is ready for a new roof.

“Marota” roofing material made from the fronds of the sago palm. Ready to ‘install’.

lifting pieces onto the roof

it gets tricky the higher up you go.

Everyone helps, even when you are scarcely taller than the Marota.

carefully getting the pieces from on the roof.

Push the jungle vine through, wrap it around and . . . 

Make a hole for the jungle vine to go through again.

Everyone works together, placing pieces, and stripping extra “strings” off of the “rope”.

many hands, makes the job go much faster.

oops, not enough jungle vines, one youngster went across the flooded field to collect more

stripping the vine, the “rope” is the outer portion, they don’t use the inner part because it isn’t strong


That evening, we sat under a finished roof for vespers. A great improvement from 2 weeks previous . . . when it started to rain shortly after vespers began, and there was no place dry to sit.


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