Can You Fix This?

While I fancy myself somewhat handy when it comes to fixing things, the variety of broken gizmos that people have been bringing to me for repair has outstripped my knowledge. Electronic items often lead short lives here in the jungle due to improper use and the pervasive humidity. While I have been able to repair a few things for local people, most items I have had to return without any improvement.

The saddest one for me was when someone brought a full-size solar panel. Solar panels are especially valuable here where there is no electrical grid. Examining the panel, I saw that the electrical connection box on the back had been ripped off, but since I could see where the wires had been soldered, I thought I could fix it. However, on closer inspection I found six holes where nails had been driven through the solar cells. I was told that was how the panel had been affixed to the roof of a bush hut. There was absolutely no way to repair the damage, and I could only give some counsel on better ways to mount any future panels to bush roofs.

We bring the broken pieces of our lives to Jesus and ask Him to fix them. Each of us has talents or gifts that bring energy and light to our lives and the lives of those around us. But sometimes, instead of using a talent or gift properly, we do things our own way and ruin the intended blessing. Thankfully, God’s repair skills are limitless. He takes our ruined, broken lives and fixes them.

Please join me in praying that we can continue to find ways to introduce the people here to the Master Repairman of broken lives.

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